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Custom-made Glove Boxes and Isolators

Leader in the design and manufacturing glove boxes, isolators and custom containment enclosures, Jacomex has experienced consultants, its own design office and modern manufacturing tools to manage overall specific projects.

Entrusting a project to Jacomex means choosing Jacomex’s expertise and the experience. Some 15,000 installations in all sectors worldwide in 75 years.

Wide Range of Products for Containment Enclosures

Jacomex is a leader in the design and manufacture of inert gas purification units, glove boxes, all size isolators and containment enclosures and cosmetic tube testers.

Our technically qualified purification units, particularly with silent operating are perfectly adapted and designed to purify variable volumes, without resorting to too frequent regenerations and allowing stability of the low contents in ppm.

ISO 10648-2 Standard Maker

Jacomex is an uncompromising defender of watertightness.

Jacomex is at the origin of the implementation of ISO 10648-2, the only internationally recognized standard that classifies containment systems according to their watertightness.

The company campaigned at the end of the 1980s in the development of the ISO 10648 standard to maintain rigorous standards, particularly Class 1, compared to the much less demanding German DIN 25412 standard. Today, almost all Jacomex glove boxes are excellent Class 1.

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