Laboratory Glove Boxes and Isolators

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75 Years of Experience in Designing and Manufacturing Glove Boxes, Custom-made Containment Enclosures and Isolators
Laboratory Glove Boxes and Isolators

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Glove boxes and Isolators for the Research and Laboratories

Our integrated design office, our technical expertise and our efficient production tools are undeniable assets and the guarantee of providing glove boxes perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of each sector: lithium batteries, organic electronics, graphene, perovskite, 2D materials, semiconductors, nanotechnologies, materials science …

Laboratory Globe Boxes Made by Jacomex

Our laboratory glove boxes are widely used in research and industry, R&D, medical and pharmaceutical, energy and nuclear field. They are used to create an air-tigh and safe barrier or a working area under controlled atmosphere. This is an essential condition for developing processes, experimenting with, or handling sensitive or dangerous materials. Protection from ambient air and all contamination; optimal product protection and operator safety are all guaranteed.

Jacomex pharma isolators guarantee the safety of operators and the environment for weighing, synthesis, control and repackaging of active ingredients, CMR and hygroscopic powders.

ISO 10648-2 Standard Maker

Jacomex is an uncompromising defender of watertightness.

Jacomex is at the origin of the implementation of ISO 10648-2, the only internationally recognized standard that classifies containment systems according to their watertightness.

The company campaigned at the end of the 1980s in the development of the ISO 10648 standard to maintain rigorous standards, particularly Class 1, compared to the much less demanding German DIN 25412 standard. Today, almost all Jacomex glove boxes are excellent Class 1.

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