Alpha Containment Chamber

Alpha Containment Chamber

Alpha containment is the preferred containment device, particularly in the nuclear sector. It is used for the containment or recreation of an atmosphere that differs from the ambient atmosphere in order to protect the environment, operators and operations. In research applications, quality control or in various production processes, alpha containment also serves as safety equipment.

The alpha containment system can be operated in overpressure or underpressure, and should be chosen with care, depending on your project and applications. In this article, find out how this equipment works and which models are suitable for the nuclear sector.

Principle of Operation of the Alpha Containment


An alpha containment system is hermetic and leakproof. It is designed to act as a barrier between ambient conditions and a specific environment. The equipment has a perfectly sealed compartment within which the atmosphere can be monitored and controlled by means of built-in regulators.

In the case of a gas-fired device, the removal of oxygen and moisture from the gas is achieved via a purification system. This ensures that the process is safe. An alpha containment vessel also has transparent work surfaces with handling gloves attached to the ports. Operators can then handle products, objects or substances without the risk of spreading products in the environment or contamination. The items which need to be protected can then pass through a transfer airlock, without compromising containment.

The alpha containment vessel operates in negative pressure when the atmospheric pressure is higher than the pressure of the internal atmosphere. This type of equipment is used exclusively to protect the environment and the operators. The alpha containment system uses a ventilation system, with HEPA filters. This uses ambient air from the room and then exhausts it to the ducts after it has circulated inside the enclosure.

Dangerous, toxic or radioactive materials can therefore neither spread in the room nor come into contact with your operators. For optimum safety, leaks, the chemical composition of the medium and gaseous emissions can be monitored.

Examples of applications for the alpha containment system are: handling of radioactive materials or pathogens, dissolving of powders, repackaging of toxic and CMR powders, sampling and weighing operations, handling of dangerous chemical or pharmaceutical compounds, etc.


Which Models for the Nuclear Sector?


There are many models of alpha containment systems available from various containment specialists. Jacomex is one of them, and in this sector it is a world reference. Jacomex is an expert in the design and manufacture of glove boxes for various sectors. Among the models of alpha containment for the nuclear sector, it can propose :


The G(Safe)


This is an alpha containment vessel that guarantees high safety. It operates under filtered air, thus reinforcing the safety of the environment and the operators. It keeps the atmosphere at a low pressure and in the event of a breach of containment, it automatically triggers a safety flow. This model is very flexible and can also be adapted.


The Pure Range (formerly GP(Concept))


This range of models is modular and operates with filtered neutral gas. It also incorporates an independent purification unit. It is ideal for the nuclear, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors. It is also suitable for advanced research, especially for processes that require the integration of machinery, equipment and instrumentation.

Jacomex can accessorize all the containment solutions it offers. This is done, according to each need and each specificity of the project. A quotation on your alpha containment for the nuclear sector can be provided free of charge by our dedicated service.

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