Maintenance Contracts

To ensure that our glove boxes continue to give you complete long-term satisfaction, our After-Sales Service -Maintenance team has developed a maintenance management system specific to each installation.

For each device whose maintenance is entrusted to us, the service includes a list of consumables specific to the installation, an expertise file and advice concerning your equipment provided by our specialized technician as well as functional control and maintenance, overall verification of your system, leak tests and training follow-up of maintenance operations.

We offer maintenance contracts with three levels of service adapted to the specific expectations of our customers and variable commitment possibilities over time. Contact us for more details on our Bronze – Silver – Gold contracts (with or without spare parts) and our maintenance packs.

Our services include:

  • The travel and labor costs of the technician for the preventive maintenance of an installation.
  • Checking the operation and overall verification of the system.
  • Carrying out controls on airlock seals.
  • Checking that the purification system (purified glove boxes) functions correctly
  • Checking that the extraction system and safety devices (glove boxes to protect operators) are functioning correctly.
  • A system leak search test (enclosure, airlock and purification system if existing)
  • Carrying out controls on the wear and tear of consumables and sensitive parts.
  • Monitoring user training.
  • The creation of a stock of consumables which is then managed by you.
Your installation requires special attention and effective functional monitoring provided by our highly-trained staff with extensive skills. Our After-Sales Service – Maintenance department has human resources specialized in meticulous assembly, sealing, automation, programming and electromechanics… All this has been put in place for the safety of your installations and operators and with the utmost respect for your processes.

Contact us via the online form link including a short description of your installation so that our technicians or your local representative will call you back as soon as possible.

Our clients

Many customers from a variety of industries have trusted Jacomex to design and manufacture their glove boxes, insulators and air purification systems.

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