Regulating and Security valves for Glove Boxes

Jacomex regulating and safety valves were originally developed for specifically nuclear applications. They were first certified and commissioned by SGN (Orano Projects) for use on the reprocessing site of Cogema La Hague (Areva – Orano), Cea Cadarache and the Institute of Transuraniens (European Commission JRC Karlsruhe).

Their function as a valve is to ensure the constant automatic maintenance of glove boxes in a vacuum and to guarantee safe air flow in the event of sealing rupture (usually: tearing / tearing of a glove) thus avoiding any external contamination of the box.

Each valve is mounted and tested individually in our site in Lyon – France. A leak test certificate as required by ISO 10648-2 is issued individually.

Different Types of Valves

Regulating Valve

Security Valve

Recognized for their qualities such as responsiveness, reliability over time, safe mechanical operation in reference to the pressure of the glove boxes, Jacomex valves are now in operation in both French and international nuclear centers: CEA Marcoule, Atalante, Valduc, IRSN, IAEA, IRMM, CEN-SCK, Framatome, MHI-JNFL Japan, CNNC China, BARC India …

Thanks to the safety they bring, the regulation and safety valves have found more and more clients in non-nuclear sectors for handling dangerous materials, where the safety of the operators and the environment can be threatened.

Consequently, Jacomex regulating and safety valves will effectively guarantee the safety of installations in various fields including process powders, weighing and repackaging of powdered powders, nanotechnologies, use of carbon nanotubes, maintenance of aeronautical parts with risk of contact with asbestos, fibers and CMR substances, cytotoxic, experiments on microorganisms and pathogenic samples…

Glove boxes compatible with regulating / safety valves

Glove box designed for research and industry for all applications < 1PPM H2O – O2

Adjustable glove box under filtered air offering protection for the operator and / or the environment.

Modular glove box for gas scavenging. Easy to use, low maintenance.

High security isolator under neutral gas filtered in depression or overpressure under filtered atmosphere.

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