Argon TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Glove Box

“Titanium welding” Project

Jacomex has always been a major player in the sector of welding enclosures and glove boxes for TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding under argon. Jacomex has supplied international aeronautical industrialist with a series of glove boxes intended for welding or repairing large titanium parts for many years. The company is a renowned supplier for the largest contractors and subcontractors in the aeronautical and space industry such as:  Airbus, EADS, Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Dassault Aviation, Sabca, Safran, Zodiac Aerospace, Thales Alenia Space, Stelia, Daher, Tecalemit, Airgrup, Fokker, Air France …


Supplier of Glove Boxes for Industrials


Jacomex has already supplied a series of glove boxes to a foreign aeronautical industry for the welding and/or repair of large titanium parts. Based on high-end modular PUREEVO glove boxes, customers benefit from the flexibility that Jacomex can offer in terms of technical solutions when any issues arise.


Characteristics of Jacomex Glove Boxes


  • The glove boxes are equipped with two vacuum transfer locks for a continuous flow of the parts to be welded. The two airlocks have been oversized compared to conventional vacuum airlocks to allow the transfer of large parts: a technical feat, as they operate on the same principle as the smaller cylindrical airlocks, i.e., by vacuuming and then filling with pure argon.
  • Powerful pumping units minimize the transfer time, which is essential in production, while preserving the purity of the welding chamber.
  • A high-capacity argon purification unit maintains stable oxygen and moisture purity at very low ppm levels.
  • In addition to the traditional oxygen and moisture sensors, the facility is equipped with a nitrogen analyzer to avoid the risk of nitriding and a hydrogen analyzer. In this way, the glove box allows the safe production of titanium parts that comply with the constraints of the aeronautics industry.
  • General ergonomics are optimized to facilitate the movement and handling of heavy parts. Traditionally, acceptance tests are proposed in real conditions with staining tests on samples.


Advantages of Glove Boxes for TIG Welding Under Argon


Thanks to feedback from long-standing customers, Jacomex designs and produces argon welding chambers cost-efficiently offering numerous technical advantages in the face of the problems usually encountered in welding titanium parts, noble alloys, and super-alloys.

  • Jacomex glove boxes are equipped with closed loop argon purifiers ensuring better gas quality than other enclosure methods. They allow significant savings in argon and better availability of welding stations.
  • The stability of gas purity and the quality of the atmosphere itself (in excess of aeronautical industry specifications) which Jacomex glove boxes deliver allow for better reproducibility of welds and real control over the methods and means of production.
  • Completely automated, while the in-built tracking system of the main parameters for the previous 2 months of use enables traceability of welding operations.
  • Additional options are available to handle all situations… trapping smoke and particles, air conditioning, pneumatic protection screens.


Jacomex, Manufacturer of Laboratory Glove Boxes


Jacomex designs and manufactures glove boxes dedicated to the welding of parts in titanium, noble alloys and superalloys for aeronautics. Other sectors such as additive manufacturing, automotive, medical, advanced materials research and the nuclear industry can also use its hermetic enclosures.

In addition to glove boxes for TIG welding under argon, Jacomex also designs and manufactures laboratory glove boxes. These are specially designed to comply with the various laboratory safety protocols.

In the space and aeronautics sectors, Jacomex also dedicates its glove boxes to those in other sectors including nuclear power, research and development, pharmaceutical-medical, energy, etc. Jacomex offers two main models of glove boxes: the standard model and the modular model. The latter has the advantage of being customizable and also offers the possibility of adding accessories, depending on its purpose.

Every industrial company that works with Jacomex can benefit from the assistance of an expert in the creation of a custom-made glove box that is adapted to its project. In relation to risk classes, an adapted safety device can also be developed with Jacomex technicians.

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