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ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) is a technique applied for thin film deposition. The principle consists of exposing a surface successively to different chemical precursors in order to obtain ultra-thin layers. It is mainly used in the semiconductor industry.

What is atomic layer deposition (ALD)?

ALD or Atomic Layer Deposition, which is a sub-class of Chemical Vapour Deposition, is based on the use of a chemical process in the gas phase. Most ALD reactions use two chemicals: precursors or reactants. These react one by one, sequentially, on the surface of a material. A thin film is deposited slowly by repeated exposure to separate reactants.

During atomic layer deposition, the surface of a film, which is developed on a substrate, is exposed to the reagents. These precursors are inserted, without overlap, in a series of sequential pulses. The reactive molecules react with the surface in each of the pulses so that the reaction is completed upon consumption of all reactive sites on the surface.

The nature of the surface-precursor interaction determines the maximum amount of material deposited after exposure to all the precursors, a so-called ALD cycle. It is possible to grow materials uniformly, with high precision, on large and complex substrates by varying the number of cycles.

Molecular layer deposition, MLD, is the sister technique to ALD. It is applied when organic precursors are used. The combination of the two techniques, ALD/MLD, enables the production of hybrid, high-purity films that are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Glove Boxes for Organic Electronics

Jacomex is a leading manufacturer of containment solutions. We also offer equipment for ALD. The equipment detailed below can be integrated into a glove box. It allows the deposition, layer by layer, of Nb2O5, NiO, SiO2, SnO2, TiO2, MgO, ZnO, Al2O3.

It is equipped with an external frame allowing it to be integrated into the glove box with a stainless steel flange. It can be inserted on one side, on the back of the glove box or on the floor. It is compatible with the majority of glove box models manufactured, provided that there is an appropriate interface.

Jacomex, our experts at your service

Jacomex specialises in the design and manufacture of glove boxes equipped with gas scrubbers. This equipment allows the manufacture, characterisation and testing of organic components, such as photovoltaic cells (OPV), light-emitting diodes, photodetectors, organic semiconductors or biosensors.

The engineers of our research, development and innovation department focus their efforts on offering ever more innovative solutions. Our equipment for research and industry is entirely developed and manufactured in Lyon. We have sold and installed our solutions in more than 60 countries and in fields as varied as nuclear, research, pharma, medical, additive manufacturing, energy and organic electronics.


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