Bag-In-Bag-Out Containment System

Bag-In-Bag-Out Containment System

A bag-in bag-out containment system is crucial when replacing isolator filters.

This system protects the operator and the outside environment, which must remain clean. Contaminants are trapped in the HEPA filters. When changing the filters, any form of direct contact must be avoided. Learn more about the bag-in bag-out containment system in this article.

Purpose of a Bag-In Bag-Out Containment System

Different types of products can be used inside an isolator. These products can be highly active compounds (HPAPI) or all forms of toxic powders. In order for the filter replacement operation to take place safely, the hermetic enclosure must have a bag-in bag-out containment system. In this way, the used filters are recycled without contact with the operator and the outside environment.

The adoption of the bag-in-bag-out containment system is the safest method compared to the use of a push-push filter. In the case of a push-push filter, the old filter is ejected into the hermetic enclosure and a new filter is inserted in its place. In contrast, a bag-in-bag-out system removes used filters from the glove box structure and wraps them in a containment bag. This guarantees the non-contamination of the outside atmosphere and the operator.

The filter replacement operation is always considered potentially hazardous. This is why, despite the high efficiency of the bag-in-bag-out containment system, your operator must wear personal protective equipment.

A Bag-In Bag-Out Containment System by Jacomex

Jacomex designs and manufactures various types of containment solutions for the laboratory and pharmaceutical industries. The latter are often required to use highly active products or compounds. Thus, for the creation of your isolator or glove box, we work to ensure that your isolator meets the various safety and environmental issues.

We design your equipment in compliance with current standards: roughness, treatment, rounded corners, etc. But we also make sure that it is easy to clean, as well as to optimize its decontamination. The solutions we develop for you are also proposed in such a way as to facilitate waste management, which will be contained and controlled.

The glove boxes and isolators we create comply with the strictest requirements of your sector (medical and pharmaceutical industry). Our extensive expertise in the field of isolation technology is put to work for you in a variety of handling applications. These include the handling of CMR, active ingredients, API and HP API and hygroscopic or oxidizable powders or toxic substances.

The bag-in bag-out containment system can be integrated into your equipment for different applications: cytotoxic products and EPO4 – EPO5, quality control, R&D galenics, handling of active ingredients…

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