Climatic Enclosure – Climate Control Products in Containment Chamber

Climatic Enclosure - Climate Control Products in Containment Chamber

A climatic chamber has the great advantage of allowing precise and stable temperature and humidity control. It is used for many applications such as testing, behavioural studies and characterisation of a product and its components. For this purpose, they are subjected to cycles of extreme conditions (drying/wetting – cold/hot), in a repetitive and reproducible manner.

Climatic chambers also make it possible to experiment with and understand certain living phenomena in specific environments. They thus make it possible to reproduce environmental conditions specific to an anaerobic environment. How does the environmental chamber work and why use one? Find the answers in this article.

How does a climate chamber work?

A climatic chamber is most appropriate where climatic conditions other than those of the atmosphere are required. These conditions may allow products to be subjected to variations in humidity and temperature to test their performance. They may also be necessary for the development of living organisms.

The climatic chamber is used extensively in R&D to carry out various tests on prototypes. Companies can use a climatic chamber to check the reliability of their products. Their resistance to stress and atmospheric agents is therefore tested in the environmental chamber. It can also be used simply to study the behaviour of products in the context of their use. In this way, companies can rectify any test failures by tracing the cause of the problem to their products or to faulty components.

A climatic chamber can control humidity and temperature, which is favourable for these various tests and experiments.

Humidity control

The environmental chamber has the ability to evenly distribute the internal humidity. It is also capable of humidifying and dehumidifying the test chamber.

For dehumidification, it is recommended that a drying line be mounted on the glove box or isolator. This should usually be connected to a dry, pure nitrogen network and automated by means of sensors and precise electronics.

In the environmental chamber, a dedicated section and an evaporator can also be used to ensure that humidity is reduced when necessary.

For direct humidification, the use of an automatic humidifier is required. The steam produced by the humidifier is injected into the air or gas stream in an extremely precise manner. The steam is injected through a specific inlet. Thanks to this system, humidification is guaranteed and above all very stable. A dedicated algorithm controls the humidifier for high reliability.

Temperature control

As in the case of humidity control, the environmental chamber is capable of distributing the temperature evenly inside the test chamber. It is also capable of cooling and heating the test chamber.

The parts and surfaces of the product inside the environmental chamber can be subjected to the same temperature value. This is achieved by applying technical tricks to the air distribution. By doing this, temperature values with a high level of spatial and temporal homogeneity are achieved.

For cooling, the environmental chamber can be equipped with an exchanger similar to that of an air-conditioner. This has a closed circuit system with a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve and an evaporator.

For reheating, a mechanical heating system is used, with electrical resistors installed near the ventilation system. Through the ventilation, the heated air enters the test chamber.

Climatic Chambers developed by Jacomex

Jacomex has developed a specific model of custom-made environmental chamber: the G(Box).

The G(Box) regulated glove box

The G(Box) is made to measure or on the basis of standard dimensions. It is modular, under controlled atmosphere, and can be used as a climatic chamber or for gas scavenging. It is suitable for any industrial or scientific application requiring a controlled atmosphere.

It is possible to transform the G(Box) into a climatic glove box with adjustable parameters (humidity, pressure, oxygen, temperature…). This very flexible enclosure allows you to heat the atmosphere or generate cold, control the CO2 or O2 level, dry or humidify it…

It has many diverse applications, including:

  • Temperature: heating and/or cooling;
  • Development of perovskite photovoltaic cells (PSC);
  • Oxygen-reducing atmospheres against flammability or explosiveness risks (chemical substances, powders);
  • Humidity (% RH): drying and/or humidification.

Why choose a Jacomex environmental chamber?

Jacomex gives you the opportunity to test your products by providing you with an innovative environmental chamber. By choosing our company, you are guaranteed to receive service and equipment that meet your exact needs and applications.

We offer innovative turnkey solutions in all areas, as we specialise in the development of tailor-made installations. Our engineers have already collaborated on projects in various sectors such as the glass, optics, cosmetics, nuclear, defence, microbiology, geoscience industries etc. Their involvement ensures the quality of your equipment.

For your project, do not hesitate to ask for a free estimate on the climatic chamber you need. To do so, please fill in a quote request form.


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