Coronavirus COVID-19 Testing Booth

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads around the world, solutions are emerging to make rapid testing possible in response to the epidemic. The Covid[cab] Covid test booth from Jacomex is one of the solutions that can help with one of the most crucial elements – testing people for COVID-19 infections.


COVID-19 Testing Cabin – Protecting both Medical Staff and Patients


It is indeed necessary to find urgent solutions that allow diagnostics to be carried out safely in public places, as well as hospitals, clinics, and and blood testing laboratories. For this purpose, JACOMEX has designed, following the example of what has been achieved in Korea from a public telephone cabins, a Covid[cab] COVID-19 testing booth allowing hospital staff to carry out tests on patients with coronavirus symptoms, but without direct contact between the medical staff and the patient. It is essential to prevent transmission of the virus when testing patients, as these testing operations frequently prove to be the first point of physical contact between the suspected carrier of the virus and the health professional. This is why, in order to reduce the risk of transmission through direct exposure, the test booth has proven to be a reliable solution for the comprehensive protection of healthcare workers.

The way in where a consultation takes place in the cabin becomes simple and secure. The patient enters the cabin, the side walls of which are made of stainless steel and only the side facing the medical staff is transparent. Doctors and nursing staff therefore remain outside the cabin and are not in direct contact with the diagnosed patient. The transparent wall is equipped with two support rings on which fully enclosed gloves are securely hung, completely enclosing the arms. Normally, these rings and gloves are mounted on highly-secure containment enclosures for the protection of technicians during the handling of nuclear material, which guarantees a perfectly safe use for this screening application. A watertight wall feedthrough is provided for easy mounting of a stethoscope, which also allows a pulmonary auscultation of the patient, always without direct contact with the healthcare professional. A shelf inside the cabin allows the storage of medical devices for testing.

Materials with Long-Term Resistance – Allowing Strong Disinfection Solutions and Chemical Cleaning Agents


From a design point of view, all the materials used in the cabin have been carefully selected and are designed to withstand disinfection solutions and chemical agents for a very long period of use. The entire structure is made of non-porous materials and the booth has been designed to be easily decontaminated.

The cabin, delivered by JACOMEX in flat packs, has the undeniable advantage that it can be quickly assembled anywhere and fixed to the floor by means of special slots provided for this purpose. An assembly manual and online video are available to ensure proper assembly of the structure and gloves. Once the assembly is in place, tests can easily be started immediately. Supplied as a unitary module, it is nevertheless possible to envisage the juxtaposition of two or more protection booths. Offered in a standardized kit form, the Covid[cab] module can also be customized for additional safety reinforcement measures according to special customer requirements, and depending on the evolution of sanitary requirements. As an example, the cabin could be customized into a closed cabin with filtered ventilation system, vacuum, with communication interphones and decontamination systems.

Covid[cab] – The COVID-19 Testing Booth for Safe Viral Screening


In its current version, the Covid[cab] already constitutes a real physical barrier allowing screening tests and pulmonary auscultations of patients without any contact with health personnel. Equipped with its own design office in France, the company JACOMEX remains at your disposal for any suggestions for optimization or special realizations.

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