Glove Box and Custom-Made Machine Integration

You need to fit special machinery in a glove box within the frame of your application which raises accessibility, machine interface, connections’ issues.

Jacomex Design Office assists you for the glove box definition, develops the drawings and collaborates with the special machinery’s supplier to ensure the installation’s good functioning and performance.

Several technical or ergonomical innovations now offered as standard equipment result from customized projects!

Feel free to contact us to get more information on Jacomex offer!

Customer cases

CNAM Paris

Client: Mr. Meury, Common Laboratory of Metrology (LCM).

Application: Glove box coupled with an M-one Vacuum Mass comparator (Mettler) preventing the mass standards to be air contaminated.

INSA Toulouse

Clients: Mr. Lassagne and Mr. Pinaud, Physics and Nano-objects Chemistry Laboratory.

Application: Glove box coupled with a Nano-observer Atomic Force Microscope (CSinstrument) to perform AFM measures in controlled environment.

CTTC Limoges

Client: Mr. Etchegoyen, Ceramic Technologies Transfer Center.

Application: Glove box coupled with a horizontal oven (Ceradel) dedicated to become a pilote manufacturing line of ceramics from organic precursors (volatile if exposed to air).


Client: Mr. Wiame, Surfaces Physico-Chemistry Laboratory

Application: Glove box coupled with an Atomic Force Microscope (Ferrovac) to understand and manage relations between the metals and alloys’ structure, surfaces and metal/gas and metal/liquid interfaces’ properties.

Paris-Sud University

Client: Ms Boer-Duchemin, Nanosciences molecular Group.

Application: Glove box dedicated to study the electronic, optical and quantum properties of atomic and molecular architectures thanks to an Atomic Force Microscope.

CEA Saclay

Clients: Mr. Robin and Mr. Courouau, Laboratory of Study of Non-aqueaous Corrosion (SCCME/LECNA)

Application: Glove box coupled with a device dedicated to study the corrosion behaviour of materials in liquid metal environment (thermic wells in the glove box floor).

Our clients

Many clients from different industries have trusted Jacomex to design and manufacture their glove boxes, isolators and air purification units.

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