Dry Glove Box

Dry Glove Box

A dry glove box is very useful in laboratories, especially when handling products or processes that require controlled humidity levels. The dry glove box keeps the humidity levels extremely low thanks to a drying system, thus enabling humidity to be eliminated, or by using a purification system under argon or nitrogen.

The robustness of the equipment provides a controlled and highly secure environment for substances and products that react or degrade in contact with moisture.

Purpose of a Dry Laboratory Glove Box


Using a dry glove box in a laboratory provides increased safety when handling products/substances that require a dry environment. The humidity control system allows this equipment to protect substances/products from contaminants that may enter the sealed enclosure. A possible failure of the system can cause an increase in pressure that could result in a degradation in the quality of the atmosphere. A glove box needs to be equipped with a humidity sensor and controller to monitor the internal humidity level.

Automatic pressure regulation and a hydraulic guard keep the glove box dry at a slight overpressure, thus limiting the back diffusion of ambient humidity into the internal atmosphere.

The glove box is also equipped with regulators so that pressure, temperature, etc. can be controlled. In order to reliably check the humidity level inside the glove box, a humidity sensor, or more generally a humidity analyzer, is integrated into the equipment.


A Dry Glove Box Suitable for your Needs


The dry glove box is suitable for all applications in the fields of research and industry. Thanks to its efficiency and maximum safety, the dry glove box is perfectly designed for use with hygroscopic or reactive products/substances or those that lose their functionality when in contact with air. Its purification system under argon or nitrogen effectively eliminates the humidity inside the glove box.

Generally speaking, a glove box is made of a main chamber where the products are used or where a particular industrial process (e.g., encapsulation) can take place in a high-quality atmosphere. No manipulation can be done outside the chamber. The different working sides of the glove box provide the operator with better access to the working chamber. In addition, the transparency of the walls offers the best possible ergonomics to the operator.

On the workstation, protective gloves are fixed to the wall to provide the optimal individual protection to the operators during manipulations as the products handled in the dry laboratory glove box can be toxic, sensitive or dangerous.

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