Glove Box Gas Purification System

Glove Box Gas Purification System

A glove box gas purification system is necessary to ensure the containment of products or processes under a controlled atmosphere.

To ensure the purity of this atmosphere, inert gases must pass through a gas purification reactor. These purified gases are essential to create the working environment required for water and oxygen reactive products. For the purification of the gases, it is essential to use a purifier.

Glove Box Gas Purification System Usefulness


Without gas purification in the glove box, gas does not have the quality required to ensure purity for handling air-sensitive products. Purified gases have to replace the air inside the glove box and have to be completely free of water and oxygen. Some products react to very small quantities of atmospheric components. Some substances are hygroscopic or can oxidize to only a few ppm.

It is important to mention that renewal and purification of the atmosphere in a glove box is essential. These gases need to circulate properly inside the enclosure. In order to allow such a process, the use of a gas purification unit is required.

The recirculation of the gas in the glove box in a closed loop is provided by a gas cleaning system. A gas supply coupled with a pressure regulation connected to the circuit automatically compensates for any lack of gas inside the hermetic enclosure.


What are the Inerting Techniques?


Lost flushing (open circuit) and gas purification (closed circuit) are the two techniques allowing a controlled atmosphere. The lost flushing renews the atmosphere of the hermetic enclosure by a permanent flow of gas that dilutes in the internal atmosphere and guarantees a level of humidity and/or oxygen lower than the levels present in the air.

With regard to a closed-circuit gas purifier, it continuously purifies the gas and the atmosphere, thanks to closed loop circulation. This gas purification unit has the enormous advantage of allowing unrivalled levels of purity with extremely low gas consumption. In addition to the reduction in gas consumption, the purification unit also provides stability in the quality of the atmosphere inside the glove box.

A gas purification unit should be included in the equipment accompanying the glove box.


Other Components of a Glove Box


A glove box can be used in many sectors: research and development, organometallic chemistry, microelectronics, semiconductors, or the space and aeronautics industry. But in order to function properly, a glove box needs to be equipped with various safety components, in addition to the gas purification unit. Thus, glove box equipment includes handling gloves, regulators, sensors, humidity and oxygen, safety valves, and a safety valve for avoiding the risk of excessive overpressure in the glove box.

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