GP(Concept) Glove Box

Modular and Custom-made Glove Box

Versatile glove box for product protection and operator protection. <1ppm O2 / H2O.

Technical support and tailor-made plans based on your specifications.



Possible Applications

  • Materials, polymer and surface science
  • Synthetic chemistry
  • Lithium-ion batteries assembling and characterization
  • Furnace processes (treatment, sintering, annealing)
  • Biology and all atmospheres in strict anaerobia
  • Organic electronics materials (thin-film solar cells, OLEDS, Quantum Dots, graphene and 2D materials …)
  • Aeronautics: welding of titanium parts
  • Experiments on radionuclides sensitive to atmospheric components

Modular Glove Box

High performance glove box with autonomous purification unit <1 ppm O2 / H2O.

Very versatile thanks to its great modularity and personalized project management.

Offered in:

  • standardized dimensions, single or double working faces, for a single workstation or for following the different steps of a process on several connected GP(Concept) modules.
  • custom-made design, it is suitable for all specific processes under ultrapure atmosphere requiring the integration of instruments or special machines.

This is the ideal glove box for toxic or nuclear applications combining vacuum operation and controlled atmosphere.

A wide variety of high capacity H2O and O2 purification units, tailored to your specific needs, are offered with this glove box model.

The GP(Concept) glove box is the most versatile purified glove box in our range.

Designed for research and industry, it is 100% compatible with all Jacomex options and equipment and comes in a “rounded corners” version for optimal cleanability.

Our wide range of hermetic feedthroughs enables the integration of scientific instruments and instruments while preserving their qualities and functionalities.

The engineers in our design office can adapt its design to special machines such as vacuum-built, thin film deposition evaporators, furnaces, instrumentation for the development of solar cells, materials science, lithium batteries and energy storage, biology and petrochemicals.

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