Nanopowder and Advanced Materials Glove Boxes

“Safe Powder Transfer” Project

Jacomex has developed an entirely custom-designed nanopowder glove box, originally conceived for a large electronic industry group, the nanopowder glove box can be used as an advanced materials glove blox. This containment chamber with controlled oxygen and humidity rates makes it possible to secure all stages of weighing, transfer and repackaging of fine powders.

The nanopowder glove box, with integrated weighing scales,protects operators and eliminates any risk of flammability of powders in contact with air.

Powder bags are introduced into an airlock and connected under the glove box. After the airlock has been activated and the oxygen level checked, the interior door can be unlocked in order to take out of the bag an amount of powder that is weighed and transferred directly into a barrel. Once sealed, the barrel is evacuated via a safe exit airlock. The two airlocks are equipped with an automatic up-and-down tray for optimized ergonomics. Safety systems (interlocking) prevent any accidental opening of the doors.

Jacomex designs glove boxes for all applications exposed to various problems of volatile or electrostatic powders, nanoparticles of metal alloys, ceramic or metallic nanopowders … such as additive manufacturing, aeronautics, microelectronics, nanotechnologies, defense, medical, or pharmaceuticals.

Whatever the nature and properties of the powders, the operations to be carried out and the security constraints specific to the project, Jacomex produces nanopowder glove boxes with attention to detail: from the very design of the enclosure and its structure (internal cleanability, surface finish), via its operating mode under overpressure or vacuum under air or inert gas, reducing ESD risks until the powders are recovered and recycled.

Jacomex services sectors where it is necessary to secure the powder processes and protect the operator and the environment:

  • Additive and aeronautical manufacturing: implementation of metallic powders, including titanium, aluminum, alloys, stainless steel, superalloys, confinement under inert atmosphere of machines and robots, gas management and recycling allowing to work at low O2 and H20 contents, reconditioning of powders before process, post-process powder coating of parts and printing trays, storage and recycling of powders.
  • Industry and research: Eliminating or reducing the risks of flammability and explosiveness of nanopowders in glove boxes under controlled atmosphere.
  • Research in energy and organic electronic devices: implementation of carbon nanotubes, functional polymer materials, fullerenes, and graphene.
  • Pharmaceutical: filtration, drying, weighing, repackaging of toxic powders, active ingredients, cytotoxics, etc.

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