Our Skills

Human skills and performance tools for the ultimate flexibility in the global management of your projects

Commercial and Technical Review


Engineers and Managers to guide you ithrough all the stages of YOUR project

  • Analysis of your needs and specifications.
  • In-depth understanding of technical and economic requirements.
  • Sound advice and choice of optimized technical solutions.

Engineering and Design


A design office to preview your installations

Pre-project and production drawings allow clients to:

  • Check the adequacy of the installation with respect to environmental, safety and normative constraints,
  • Optimize the layout of the workstation and the smooth running of various manipulations to be performed inside,
  • Control the dimensional compliance of the inner equipment.

Design Recommendations and Mock-up


Our engagement : optimal ergonomics

  • A mock-up test can be prepared on request before manufacturing.
  • Tests enable:
    • A simulation of handling with gloves in real conditions,
    • An adaptation in the layout of equipments being part of the workstation in order to improve ergonomics,
    • Making sure that gloves guarantee good accessibility anywhere in the glove box.



Qualified technicians and modern production tools for a completely controlled production

  • Consistent quality and increase in performance reliability through strict manufacturing processes and on-the-spot inspections at all levels.

Assembly, Tests and Acceptance


Performance tests – Tightness tests – Specific controls

  • [Vacuum components testing] helium mass spectrometer: leak rate < 10-5 mbar l/sec.
  • [Glove boxes testing] oxygen increase method according to ISO 10648-2 class 1: leak rate < 0.05%/h.
  • For industrial, pharmaceutical, nuclear applications and specific requirements: information folders, welding certificates, strength calculations, earthquake calculations…

Delivery, Installation and Training


Commissioning and on-site training

  • France and Europe: provided by our technicians or qualified engineers trained by JACOMEX within our foreign representatives.
  • India: supported by our technical service and maintenance team with JACOMEX India PVT LTD. The technical staff are exclusively dedicated to our glove boxes.
  • Worldwide: on a case-by-case basis. Intervention provided by our techncians, specially trained local technicians, teleconferences …)


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