Solvent Purification for Glove Boxes

Glove Box Gas Purification System

When a process requires the use of solvents inside a glove box, it is necessary to purify the solvents beforehand.

This solvent purification is essential in certain handling of air-sensitive and oxygen-sensitive products. The solvents have to pass through a purification system in order to obtain anhydrous and deoxygenated solvents.

Requirement for Solvent Purification in Glove Box


It is necessary to carry out the purification of the solvents before their introduction in the glove box. Indeed, some organic solvents must be dried in order not to impact the purity of the atmosphere in the glove box. The risk of traces of moisture in organic solvents can be an obstacle to experiments or manipulations in the laboratory.

The purification of solvents allows the elimination of cross diffusion of solvent vapors and the recovery of anhydrous, pure, degassed and deoxygenated solvents. In addition, the solvent purifiers are mounted in standardized fireproof cabinets, which allows the safe removal of small quantities of solvents from the laboratory.

In order to be purified, flammable and harmful solvents enter a solvent purification column to remove water and oxygen. In the majority of cases, solvent purification systems are completely under inert atmosphere. The solvent must then be passed through drying materials and stored before use. This process meets the highest levels of safety.


Designer of Solvent Purification Systems for Glove Boxes


Jacomex is the technical leader in the creation of purifiers and solvent traps and neutral gas purification units, and is constantly developing innovative systems. Taking into account the specificity of the requirements arising from new markets, Jacomex designs, experiments and validates all the models created.

As a world-renowned designer, Jacomex delivers its purification units to industry and chemical laboratories. Sectors using an isolator or glove box can also benefit from the solutions by Jacomex. These hermetic enclosures are crucial for experiments and processes where substances, products or materials that are sensitive and react to atmospheric components must be used.

Jacomex produces various purification systems for isolators and glove boxes and has developed a real expertise in intelligently guiding customers towards the purification model adapted to their specific constraints and the volume to be treated.

Jacomex ensures that the devices benefit from a continuous energy saving mode, 24/24, both during handling and in use. The best techniques are also applied to maintain the purity inside the equipment on a long-term basis. The systems have been designed specially to facilitate their maintenance and reduce their operating costs.

The glove boxes and solvent purification systems can have different applications in the chemical or physical sectors. They are tested in accordance with the standards in force and have 3 ISO certifications.

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