Stainless-Steel Glove Box

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Glove boxes are generally made of stainless steel. These stainless steel glove boxes are designed to provide a completely sealed environment.

They must be sturdy and have continuous seals or welds that prevent the entry of oxygen and moisture into the main chamber.

Why a Stainless-steel Glove Box?


Stainless steel glove boxes are essential for pharmaceutical manufacturing, the nuclear sector, research, and also production sectors, requiring the handling or use of sensitive or dangerous products. When processes require a clean, controlled atmosphere environment, glove boxes must be filled with argon or nitrogen. These must be kept inside the enclosure to ensure the containment of substances and materials and the maintenance of their properties.

It is good to know that stainless steel is one of the metals most commonly used in the food, medical, R&D, automotive and architectural industries. It has hygienic properties and resistance to corrosion, heat and humidity. This material also has good resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and thus allows the glove box to be easily cleaned and decontaminated.

When manufacturing stainless steel glove boxes, assembly is carried out by continuous welding. This allows a strong connection and a tight seam that are crucial features in the design of the glove box.


Different Models of Stainless-steel Glove Boxes


Some manufacturers offer stainless steel glove boxes. Jacomex offers stainless steel glove boxes in various designs.

Jacomex designs and manufactures standard single- or multi-station, single-sided or double-station glove boxes, modular glove boxes that can be interconnected, and custom-made glove boxes of all sizes.

The technical specifications of these glove boxes are as follows:

  • class 1 tightness according to the ISO 10648-2 standard.
  • Leakage rate <10-5 mbar.l.s-1.
  • A system of automatic regulation of the internal pressure whether under or overpressure.

Jacomex has been manufacturing isolators, stainless steel glove boxes and purification units for over 75 years. Today, it is recognized for its wide range of high quality and varied products. Based in France, the company markets its products throughout the world. Its products are distributed in Europe by numerous representatives and it is present in more than sixty countries.

In addition to its quality products, manufactured using modern production tools and incorporating innovative technologies, the company’s strength lies in the support it provides to its customers, particularly in the management of the various stages of their projects. This support is provided by its design office, its technical department, its production workshop and its sales department.

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