Evaporator Integration for Glove Boxes

Vacuum evaporation is a thin layer deposition technique (usually metallic) often implemented in several Physics related applications (organic molecular electronics, microelectronics…). The material to be deposited is evaporated under vacuum in a tight container; the vacuum allows the particles to reach the support directly where they re-condense to a solid state.

The environment required to carry out this process should be oxygen and moisture free. Jacomex can integrate any type and label of evaporators in its purified glove boxes with control of the O2 and H2O levels. We offer customized solutions according to the evaporator’s configuration –with sliding door, of belljar type or with transfer rod; while taking into the account the ergonomic setting and space restrictions.

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Customer Cases

University of Strasbourg

Customers: Mr. Samori and Mr. Orgiu, Institute of Supramolecular Engineering Sciences (ISIS-France).

Application : Glove box dedicated to the preparation of organic based electrical devices and the manipulation of metals for  electronic circuit’s preparation (integration of an evaporator Plassys).

CEA Grenoble

Customer: Mr. Sermet, Laboratory of Electronics and Information Technologies (LETI-France).

Application: Glove box dedicated to the « processing » of OLED devices on silicon (integration of an evaporator Kurt J. Lesker).

ICUBE Strasbourg

Customer: Mr. Heiser, Engineering Science, Computer Science and Medical Science with Imaging as unifying theme (ICube).

Application: Glove boxes platform for the elaboration and characterization of photovoltaic components from organic semiconductors (integration of an evaporator Kurt J. Lesker).

IIT Kanpur

Customers: Pr. Ashish Garg and Pr. S.S.K. Iyer from the Indian Institute of Technologie (IIT).

Application: Glove box dedicated to the development of organic solar cells and electroluminescent diodes.

University of Milan

Customer: Mr. D’Alfonso, SmartMatLab.

Application: Glove box dedicated to advanced and « intelligent » material development and test; inorganic and organic semi-conductors, conductive polymer,

University of Nazarbayev

Customer: Mr. Ibraikulov, Photovoltaic Laboratory.

Application: Glove box for active layer deposition on polymer solar cells

Our clients

Many clients from different industries have trusted Jacomex to design and manufacture their glove boxes, isolators and air purification units.

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