Have you ever seen … ?

15 May 2023Company

A Sales Manager teaching a Youtuber how to handle in a glove box?
Neither do we ! That is, until this video was shot a few weeks ago in the Jacomex workshops :




Once the coffee experiment was over, James Hoffman had to take the coffee out of the container to taste it
The perfect occasion to make a technical point and learn how to use the mini vacuum chamber !
In fact, in a neutral atmosphere glovebox, the priority is to maintain the containment’s atmosphere as pure as possible, without oxygen or moisture.
This implies not letting any exterior gas coming in, and to ensure that, our antechambers run on average 3 cycles of vacuum and gas refill, refilling with the glovebox atmosphere gas. ????️
Operation performed automatically or manually. In this, when the glovebox and antechamber containment enclosures are opened to one another by opening the antechamber inner door, the atmosphere’s purity is preserved.