Safety isolators for pharmaceutical laboratories

25 Mar 2020Application

JACOMEX designs and manufactures 100% custom pharma isolators for the simultaneaous protection of products, operators and environment. Whether for the production and development of nanoparticulate anti-cancer active ingredients or for the science of the microbiome, JACOMEX offers innovative stainless steel isolators that meet the crossed requirements of the pharmaceutical, medical and microbiological sectors. Made of AISI 316L stainless steel, the high-finish isolators are designed to be decontaminated by hydrogen peroxide vapor (H202).

Equipped with HEPA or ULPA filters they can operate under laminar flow making it possible to reach particulate cleanliness classes in accordance with ISO 14644-1. They meet the main current standards in the field, e.g. GMP – CFR21 part.1, GAMP5, ISO 10648-2 … and are subject to an IQ-OQ qualification.