Some interesting equipment for your next project

10 Nov 2023Application, Company

During our daily walk around the assembly shop, this glove box from the Pure range caught our eye. Getting a little closer, we could see a multitude of feedthroughs lining the right and left sides of this beautiful PureEvo !

This box was designed for the molten-salt sector, which is why numerous feedthroughs, known as “tubes”, are present. In fact, to cool the salts that have been melted by furnaces, these feedthroughs can pass a coolant, or a gas, to lower the overall temperature.  But that’s not all! This type of feedthrough can also be connected to a vacuum pump.

Other feedthroughs we can observe: the 230V mono feedthrough and the female feedthrough. They can be used to connect measuring instruments, such as weighing scales, or heating plates, stirrers and other equipment that we integrate according to our customers’ needs.

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