Spincoater integration in Glove Boxes

Spin coating is a procedure used to deposit uniform thin films to flat substrates which main applications are often implemented in microelectronics. The material used for the purpose of the operation is called a spin coater.

The spin coating operations require an oxygen and moisture free environment for the substrates’ preservation. Jacomex can integrate any type and label of spin coaters in its purified glove boxes with control of the O2 and H2O levels.

We offer customized configurations and options according to your requirements;

  • In deck or out deck versions.
  • Touch screen removed outside the glove box.
  • Foot pedal control.
  • Solvent disposal outside the glove box.

Feel free to contact us to get more information on Jacomex offer!

Customer Cases

CEA Grenoble

Client: Mr. Maindron, Laboratory of Electronics and Information Technology (LETI).

Application: Glove box dedicated to active organic layer deposition through liquid method, realization of hybrid OLED (integration of an SPS spincoater).

CNRS LAAS Toulouse

Client: Mr. Salvagnac, Micro and Nanotechnologies platform.

Application: Glove boxes dedicated to the elaboration, laying and treatment of material for the microelectronics, optoelectronics, micro and nano systems prototyping (integration of an SPS spincoater).

CEA Grenoble

Clients: Mr. Thomasse, Mr. Demadrille and Mr. Faure-Vincent, Organic and Hybrid Organic Molecular Electronics (LEMOH).

Application: Deposition glove box dedicated to the development of photovoltaic cells (integration of an SPS spincoater).

IIT Guwahati

Client: Pr. Iyer , Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Application: Glove box dedicated to the development of new organic molecules (oligomers and polymers) used for the manufacturing of photovoltaic devices and thin layer transistors (integration of an SPS spincoater).

Linköping University

Clients: Prof. D. Robinson, Prof. Fahlman and M. Braun, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Department.

Application: Glove boxes dedicated to the semi-conductors’ experimental study and realization of organic and hybrid systems such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), organic field-effect transistors (OFET), organic solar cells… (integration of an SPS spincoater).

EPFL Lausanne

Client: Ms MOON Son-Jin, Electronics and Microtechnics Switzerland Center (CSEM).

Application: Glove box dedicated to the study of solar cells (integration of a LAURELL spincoater).

Our clients

Many clients from different industries have trusted Jacomex to design and manufacture their glove boxes, isolators and air purification units.

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